Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My brain...

...is apparently lost during pregnancy. I can't seem to focus on anything for more than a few minutes and every time I try to write a post I don't finish it. Hence all the pictures! Our life has been rather scattered with the events of the past months, and a lot of little things (like our minivan and lawnmower) have been falling apart. Meanwhile my poor husband has been given a new territory for work which entails a commute of about an hour and a half, which means he gets home very late. So my afternoons of exhaustion and slight nausea seem to last forever!

I don't mean to whine; we've been very blessed. But there just seem to be those weeks where time stands still and not much accomplished. I can't believe that I am about 9 weeks along in this pregnancy. It's been a rather emotional few months, and I'm still having a hard time grasping that I'm actually pregnant and the baby appears to be alright. My clothes are getting tight so I went through my maternity clothing bin for a second time and actually found some clothes that I like! That was exciting! I spent Monday washing probably 6 loads of laundry and folding around 20! I have a problem with leaving a mountain of clean laundry for a week or two before I have a day of folding. It makes me feel so good when the mountain is gone though.

So the girls are enjoying their little backyard pool and keeping each other busy with little games around the house. Mary Clare talks about the new baby all throughout the day...she tells strangers, "You know last time my mom was at the doctor she had an ultrasound to see the new baby" and family, "You're going to have to tell my mommy gradulations because she's going to have a baby" and me, "You have to share your pregnancy with everyone. Let's write a letter." Today she made a card for my baby shower, "Baby Shower Blair" with a drawing of me and the baby. She likes to think of new names she likes for the baby, and asks me how big the baby is each day.

Ellie on the other hand is just happy to be able to communicate and order everyone around. She is very particular about what cup or plate you give her, and it's very evident that she's 2 years old when you see her little fits when she doesn't get her way or her dropping to the floor when she prefers not to hold your hand in a parking lot! She has her own little ways of saying things that are just so cute and make my heart melt. Wah-wer is water, ray-ray is blanket, Mer-Mer is Mary Clare and so on. Sometimes it's a little frustrating since her older sister had a very well pronounced vocabulary at a very young age, but it's also so sweet to have a little baby-talker!

I'm going to post a couple videos so you can see my cutie-pies in action :)

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Melissa said...

Blair, your girls are just so precious! My kids and I really enjoyed watching the videos you posted. Too cute! Mary Clare seems to be a natural performer! And Ellie's baby talk makes me smile...I can't wait until Meghan starts talking!

I think about you often and I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well for you in this pregnancy. I can't begin to tell you what hope that gives me! Don't worry a bit about not getting much accomplished right now...you are growing an entirely new little human being and that is the biggest accomplishment in the world! Just try to enjoy those long, late afternoons by resting lots and snuggling with your girls. Maybe that can be story time!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Blair!

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