Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Month of Mary

It's May Day! The wonderful feast of St. Joseph the Worker, and the first day of the month of Our Lady. Springtime is here, flowers blooming, birds singing, and sun shining!

Today is the anniversary of our engagement 6 years ago. I finally added our first date picture (bad quality since it's a picture of a picture) to our love story which includes the story of our engagement.

I pray that St. Joseph will continue to intercede for our family, especially for Steven in his job and for all our material needs. I also pray that Our Blessed Mother will continue to guide our family to her Son and keep encouraging us to "do whatever he tells" us!

Hopefully I'll be writing more in the coming weeks. I have lots of ideas, just little time to get them written down!

1 comment:

veronica said...

That's funny Blair! Yesterday (April 30th)was the anniversary of our engagement (7 years ago) ha ha..and we only married a month apart!

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