Friday, May 04, 2007

Mary Lesson

Today at our last homeschool First Friday lesson of the year, we talked about the Blessed Mother in our preschool class. The children colored a Fatima picture, painted a Fatima image and did some gluing, made little Holy Water bottles (got to visit the church sanctuary to get the holy water which was exciting for them), and I played the guitar for some singing time! The children did really well, and considering how I threw it together at the last minute, I was really happy that things worked out. It was a bit hard coming in the middle of the semester to lead the group and pulling ideas from random places (thanks to the 4Real board!), but it was a blessing to spend these few Friday mornings with such sweet little children.


Anonymous said...

The Holy Water bottles are really cute.

Alice Gunther said...

They turned out really well!

Lillian said...

What a wonderful idea! Sound like the kids had fun!

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