Saturday, July 05, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Life Theme Songs

Jen over at Conversion Diary asked about the theme songs of our lives earlier this week.  I thought I'd join her Seven Quick Takes Link-Up to share Seven Theme Songs for my life!

Good Morning
from Singing in the Rain

This is such a happy song that brings up joyful memories of dance classes, a tap solo, and fun times on stage.  I also have fond memories of dancing to songs from 42nd Street, Fame, A Chorus Line, and West Side Story.  This one is still a motivating song for me when we need to wake up early and get going in the morning!  Barry Manilow songs would come up a close second to these for happy childhood memories, songs I can remember listening to with my mom in the car. 

Everybody Dance Now
by C & C Music Factory
This one was used for a big group jazz dance for competitions I did in middle school.  And as a theme song, I love to dance and am currently enjoying it on my "Technotronic" Pandora station during my jog/walks!

To Be With You
Mr. Big
Now we'll move into love songs.  These next two bring back memories from my teen years.  Dreaming about boys, and now I can relate them all to my hubby :) 

All For Love
Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting
One more love great love song with three of the best!  Bryan Adams was one of my favorites during this time; I loved all hills songs!

Take My Hand
The Kry
About midway through high school I found Christian contemporary music, started to find and discover my faith in God, and during this time The Kry was one of my favorite bands.  I had a cassette with one of their albums that I listened to constantly, especially when I went running during high school and college (using a Walkman!).  I remember giving a talk using this particular song at The Pines where I was a summer camp counselor.  It's all about taking God's hand to walk where he leads.

Lead of Love
Caedmon's Call
Caedmon's Call was THE band in college.  I'd put on Lead of Love to help me wake up each morning in my dorm room.  Similar to #5, it talks about following God's will and seeing how He has been leading us all along.

Ought to Be
Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad was one of the first artists I started listening to a few years ago as I came out of my early mommyhood foggy years.  It particularly brings back memories of the difficult events of the end of 2011 as Steven Joseph went through open heart surgery and then we embarked on our big move to South Texas.  It is like cold winter music to me, taking me back to that time of coldness and fear in my heart.  This whole album, "The House You're Building" is poignant to me as we have been working to build this home full of life and love.  "Love planted deeply becomes what it ought to be."  I hope that will be a motto for our family as we seek to plant the seeds of love with each of our children.

and a bonus since I can't ever follow the rules...
Billy Joel

I guess I had too many songs from childhood and young adulthood, and have already run out.  The truth is that music hash't been a very big part of my life since those days.   Recently I've been enjoying sacred music, and Latin polyphony, but I'll end here with a favorite lullaby.  Billy Joel's Lullaby is one of those songs I remember from my preteen years, but now relates to my life as a mother, ensuring my children know that I'm always here for them and that this "song" will continue after I'm gone.

"Someday we'll all be gone, but lullabies go on and on.  They never die, that's how you and I will be."

I just realized half of these links aren't going to work embedded on the blog, but it's too late to fix it, so you'll just have to click over to YouTube if you need some C&C Music, Billy Joel, etc!  Happy Weekend, and hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Independence Day!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I love every single one of those - ha! They also bring back memories of lots of dance competitions. Audrey Assad is one of my absolute favorites. Amazing!

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