Monday, July 21, 2014

Bitty Blue Eyes, Colic Queen

Katie Grace is five months old!  It's hard to believe that this much time has already gone by.  She will be eating foods, sitting up, and even crawling around before we know it!  Those beautiful blue eyes attract so many people.  Everywhere I go, strangers stop me to tell me how beautiful she is, especially her eyes.  Today I was in Target with all three girls, and the lady in line in front of me was just gushing about my three girls.  They really are beautiful, inside (most importantly) and out.

Katie usually gives a good performance when we're outside of the house.  But if we are at home or the car, she often gives us a little taste of what we've missed with our other four children...colic!  This poor baby is not sleeping well and is very fussy especially in the evenings.  I talked to the pediatrician about it, and we're trying some medicine, but I think she just has a much more sensitive tummy than the other kids.  Hopefully it's just a phase, but it's still so hard to see your baby hurting, and the lack of sleep is getting to Steven and me too.

This weekend, Katie and I will have our first weekend "alone" with 150 other ladies (and some babies) at a mom's conference.  I've been looking forward to it for many months, and I know after this challenging summer I am ready for a break for some mom time with lots of friends!  Only now I'm worried about how Katie will do in the car and at the hotel.  I hope I can still enjoy myself and her tummy troubles settle down a little bit.

But enough of her fussiness, she is doing new things every day!  She loves her exersaucer and the Bumbo seat (for about 5-10 minutes).  She is starting to grab toys and put them in her mouth.  She loves the bathtub and would stay in there all day.  She enjoys staring at water bottles while you shake them, and they have saved us during a few crazy car rides!  She has been riding in the jogging stroller a few times a week while I do my jog/walk.  She will tolerate the swing if she's already asleep, and sometimes will get a good nap there.  She's almost always happy in the Moby wrap or Ergo carrier.  She loves her Soothie pacifier, and sleeps the best when she's wrapped up in a swaddle blanket.  I'm pretty sure she could roll over, but she screams when we put her on the floor, so that doesn't happen too much!  I can't wait to see what the next few months bring as we reach her half-birthday and other fun milestones.  We love you, Katherine Maria Grace!

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