Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Five Favorites--Summer Fun!

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To share five favorites for Summer Survival!

Arts and Crafts
We've been to the craft store twice so far for summer crafting stuff. The girls and I are putting together a Miniature Mass Kit for the boys. Almost all of this was from Michael's.
It's still a work in progress, but I'll share the details when we're done!

Playdough is always a winner, from baby through pre-teen!

Water Fun
A $25 inflatable pool was never so loved! 

Nor a $10 sprinkler toy

Doing our part
I'd like to do some more volunteer things with the kids, but we did a couple things last week.  We painted pictures for a great aunt suffering from cancer, and we attended a Memorial Prayer Service at the only abortion clinic in town that just CLOSED! We honored the babies whose lives were lost,
and prayed for the families and staff who have suffered in this terrible tragedy.

The future of the pro-life movement!

Steven came home from work early the other night and asked if we wanted to go bowling!  The girls had been before many years ago, so this was really our first family bowling night.  We all had a blast!

Tommy was the cutest, rolling his ball and jumping up and down while watching his ball slowly make its way down the lane.

Summer Treats
Gotta have some summer treats to stay cool here in Texas!  We've gotten popsicles, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and even had a few trips to the shaved ice trailer for the best snow cones in Texas!

Honorable Mention:
Summer cleaning
Had to include this pic because I was so proud.  One day last week, Steven Joseph cleaned and vacuumed my car almost all on his own!  We also did a big playroom clean out on Monday, dumping all those toy bins and finding all sorts of interesting things inside.  This isn't the most enjoyable summer activity, but it will kill time and keep everyone occupied during the long summer days!

Happy Summering, friends!

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