Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I Wore Sunday, One Step Closer at 33 weeks!

Another week gone by and another week closer to meeting our baby girl! We had a good friend of Steven's visiting this weekend and the guys enjoyed a hunting trip yesterday (well, actually it was a non-hunting trip because there were no birds). Last night was one of the few nights this week that I didn't face a few hours of insomnia in the wee morning hours. But I still woke up absolutely exhausted! I had what I'm guessing was ligament cramping as well as a crick in my neck, and so Steven suggested I rest at home while the two dads took the kids to mass. What a gift! I got to attend by myself tonight and even made it early enough for confession. Yay for graces! And yay for comfy giant black maternity slacks!

We're on the final countdown before we make our little move up north next weekend to wait for baby girl's arrival with the OB in our hometown. As I shared a few days ago, we found a nice little rental cabin where we will stay for just over five weeks. Now that I have that stress out of my mind, I've moved onto other worries, mostly related to the fact that Steven will be working here while I take care of all the kids there and wait to go into labor, hoping he makes it in time! I've spent most of the last few weeks in bed, but I'm hoping that being near the hospital will make me feel a little better about getting out with the kids. 

Each of my pregnancies has gotten more difficult, with more complications. Facing a 5th c-section is also a scary thought. But each of these children are totally worth all the discomforts and stresses and costs of their arrivals. I am still in awe that I will meet a new little family member in just a few weeks. For most of the pregnancy I felt really detached, not letting myself believe that I'd really meet a baby at the end. But as time has gone by, I've felt more comfortable talking about the "after" and getting all the little things ready for the baby. The delivery experience is always such a big hurdle to get past, both physically and emotionally after so many traumatic births. But I'm trying to think past that about the exciting things to come when we add another sweet soul to our family. 

This week will be filled with more resting, packing up for our long getaway, and a few ballet classes for the girls. I need to pay bills and get everything settled for our time away. But I've pretty much purchased almost all the needed items for the baby and am getting all that gear together. I've handed over co-op planning to the other leader. We've lost about half the families this semester, so it'll likely move locations and have a totally different structure with one large group instead of three separate classes of children. I'm sad that things didn't pan out as intended for that, but I'm just having to let go right now. Ellie is taking a break from piano, and the 4H livestock show was last week. So I'm ready to step back from everything, head back "home" to my comfort zone near family and friends, and await the baby's arrival!

A few photos from the week...

Mary Clare's first deer hunt! Story to follow.

At the livestock show

Steven took the girls to the 4H Livestock Show awards. They got lots of blue ribbons and Mary Clare placed 2nd in jewelry for a necklace she made. 

While they were at the awards, Tommy and I stayed home and he got to watch all the Netflix he wanted and got his own whole pizza (he ate almost all of it)!

Bath time brothers

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Unknown said...

It sounds like you are really getting to the place where you are at peace. You are in my thoughts and prayers! If you would like my parents phone number, please let me know. It would give you another number in case you need anything! And I know mom would love to help.

Lindsay @ Lindsay Loves said...

Wow, congratulations on the final countdown with Baby #5! You look lovely. It sounds like a night at church by yourself was just what you needed. :) Blessings on the birth of your new daughter!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit! You look adorable! Prayers for your delivery!

Rebekah Es said...

You are looking gorgeous, Blair! So healthy. Blessings on you during these last few weeks!

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