Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our home away from home

I thought I'd post some photos of our little rental cabin to help us remember this unique time for our family!  As most of you know, I'm 34 weeks pregnant with our baby girl and am facing a high-risk 5th c-section delivery. After lots of prayer and discernment, I opted to use the doctor who delivered our last baby, even though the hospital is about 4 1/2 hours from our current home in South Texas.  But here we have the support of all our extended family and close friends, so it just felt right. 

And so, after realizing that my doctor wanted me in town at 34 weeks, which meant the possibility of 6 weeks staying away from home, we opted to find a rental to accommodate our family during this time. It's a nice little cabin just a couple minutes from our old home here (which we own but have renters), and about five minutes from the doctor and hospital. It's such a relief for me to be here, even though it's difficult with Steven coming back and forth and trying to manage four kids and homeschooling in a small cabin. But we will survive and make the most of this exciting time to prepare for and welcome our new baby girl!

Here are some photos of the inside of this cute little cabin!

The master bedroom is nice and comfy, even though we're used to a king sized bed. We're slowly trying to transition the boys out of our room, but that's not working so well without Daddy here! At home we have a mattress on the floor for the boys, but here that doesn't work. They're both in bed with me tonight. 

The kitchen is well-stocked with most of the cooking gear we need. We loaded up on groceries over the weekend and have been able to eat almost all our meals here this week. 

The living room boasts a flat screen TV which is quite a novelty for a family that has no television at home. The love seat also folds out into a bed. And there's a table behind me in this photo for eating and schooling. 

Here's the kids room with bunk bed. 

And I still get a nice soaking tub while away from home!

You can see the laundry room in the background. We keep the kids' suitcases here and the basket of toys. They often play games and Legos in here. I've been doing all our laundry each day, which is my usual way of doing things when we travel. It makes things much easier for me. 

Here's Mary Clare bundled up over her PJs for the ice day yesterday! There's also a big master closet behind her. 

And here's the front yard with some ice/snow flurries on the ground. You can see that we're definitely in the woods!

The kids (except Tommy) had a fun time playing in the ice yesterday! We were disappointed that there wasn't real snow, but they enjoyed the ice just fine. 


Neen said...

What a cute little place. I am so glad for you. It must be nice to be in town for awhile. I hope your baby is doing well. I can't wait to see you all.

Amelia Bentrup said...

What a cute little cabin!

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