Monday, January 27, 2014

Settling In

We've moved into our temporary home away from home and are enjoying this special time. I feel a great sense of relief that I am finally here by the hospital and don't have to worry about going into labor and having a very early preemie with a doctor or hospital I'm not familiar with. It's also nice to be back in my comfort zone of suburbia with my nice grocery store, favorite restaurants, and great shopping just minutes from our little cabin.

The cabin is so cute and comfortable. It has two bedrooms, one bath, a living room, laundry room, and kitchen. It's on a nice sized lot in a little country neighborhood and was recently renovated. There are quite a few bird feeders out front and the kids have enjoyed watching the birds and drawing them. I wish we could really settle here for the long haul, but the cabin had already been booked for next week so it looks like we'll be making several moves starting this Friday...from Steven's sister's house, to my parents', to a friends', and then finally back to the cabin for about a month. Hopefully the moves aren't too difficult for me or the kids. 

But so far, so good with everyone adjusting to the little move and handling Daddy's departure alright. It will be hard to play the single mom during the week while in such a late stage of pregnancy, but he'll be taking some days off here and there, my parents are helping, we have friends at the ready, and we'll have several activities to keep us busy. Tonight, Ellie attended ballet class at their old studio. It was so nice to see all these ballet friends and feel so welcomed by everyone there. Depending on the forecasted snow and road conditions, Mary Clare is hoping to go to her ballet class tomorrow. The kids got most of their schoolwork done today and enjoyed time playing Legos, running around outside, and watching TV. Hopefully the rest of our days here continue to be enjoyable and uneventful, except for the big baby event that we're here for, which will hopefully hold off until late February!

Before I sign off, I'll share some phone photos from the past week...

My kindergartner working on math

And showing off his third lost tooth!

Ellie was drawing fairies during Mary Clare's pointe class. We wanted to watch the class last week, but they only ended up doing pointe for about 15 minutes, and there were nearly a dozen other family members trying to get a peek at their ballerinas too!

But we did get a photo op after class. Her ballet group here hasn't started pointe yet, so it will be a little while before she gets back to pointe class. 

A peaceful Friday afternoon with Tommy napping. We skipped Atrium to rest and pack for the trip. 

The first night here, we grocery shopped at my favorite HEB and grabbed some quick food at our favorite Raising Cane's drive-thru. Our order for one bag of ice bought us four bags of delicious little pellet ice! This pregnant mama is on an ice kick!

Thankfully there is a nice soaking tub in the cabin :)

Steven left his wallet at the cabin when he left this morning, so he drove back from his Houston office to get it, stopping in for my OB appointment and then taking me on a lunch date to Chuy's restaurant! Fun!

Maybe I'll be back with some snow pictures, or at least a cabin tour, tomorrow. Stay warm, friends!

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