Sunday, January 05, 2014

6th Birthday Party for Steven and J, "Army" Theme

Steven Joseph's best buddy Jude was planning his party for before we'd be in town, but in the midst of the busy holiday season, they asked if we'd like to make it a party for both of them if they postponed it a week.  Steven Joseph was all for that, but we ended up having to postpone a second time due to illness. 

Finally on the 30th, we were able to celebrate these two big boys!  About half the people that the N family invited were unable to come because of illness, and it was a chilly day, but the boys still had a blast!  Most of the decorations came from Hobby Lobby.

The boys each enrolled in the draft on the front porch and were given real dog tags that J's mom ordered!

Soon it was time for boot camp led by the daddies!

They did some jumping jacks

and some sit ups

and marched out for their first challenge, an obstacle course where they were timed!

Another challenge was to throw parachute men and try to land them on a table below...

The last challenge was some kind of freeze tag/capture the flag type game, which they played down by the lake.

We made cupcakes as well as a sheet cake in a jelly roll pan covered in Oreos and Army men.  The boys all got army men in their party bags along with some other little army toys found at Hobby Lobby, a plastic helmet (Hobby Lobby and Party City), and their personalized dog tags.

Singing to the sweet friends

And finally, time for some presents!

The kids survey the presents.

This was a fun birthday party for all of us.  It allowed us to share a few days with our good friends and to celebrate our precious boys born a week apart.  Two years ago we celebrated their 4th birthdays together with a Firefighter Party.  And I imagine we'll share many more fun birthdays and celebrations with our sweet friends.  Thanks for hosting, N family, and to all the families who attended and celebrated both our boys, even though many of the kids don't know SJ very well.  It was a special day for him!

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Unknown said...

What a sweet party! I love this!

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