Sunday, January 12, 2014

What I Wore Sunday, 32 weeks!

A blessed Feast of the Baptism of The Lord to all of you! We had a nice mass together this morning. None of us sang in the choir and we sat together in the front pew, although Steven had to take out our antsy 3yr old near the end. 

My favorite part of mass today was singing "O God Almighty Father" for the communion meditation. We attend a small parish and often the congregation doesn't join in much of the singing. But everyone seemed to join in the chorus today..."O Most Holy Trinity, undivided unity, Holy God, Mighty God, God immortal be adored."

We were also reminded in the homily what a gift the priesthood is and how important it is to pray for our priests! So true. 

My navy maxi dress is fitting quite different these days! But it's definitely a comfortable choice right now as my belly is sensitive to tight-fitting clothing. I'm already in PJ pants this afternoon!

I took this photo above because I was feeling really big in these stripes yesterday! I went on what will likely be my last big shopping outing for awhile. I needed some comfy things for these last few weeks and postpartum and finally found some nice pajamas and new yoga pants, plus some nursing items at Motherhood Maternity in the mall.

I also browsed around Babies R Us for a bit, but it was so overwhelming! It brought me back to the days of registering for baby gifts for Mary Clare. It seems like so much time has passed since then. Now I much prefer ordering baby gear from the comfort of my bed, rather than a busy store!

I made a little stop in Dillard's, too. After going through newborn clothes and washing them last week, it seemed like we could use a few more things for Baby Girl. My babies usually don't fit into 0-3 month clothes for a few weeks, so I wanted to find a couple newborn-sized items. I also bought a soft blanket and ruffled booties for her baptism! Ahhhh, cuteness overload!

On Friday night we took a little outing to a local Italian restaurant and the frozen yogurt store next door. It was nice to have a special family evening. I feel like things are going to be changing so soon with the temporary move in about two weeks and honestly I'm starting to panic a little. 

After all of this excitement I had a hard night last night with quite a bit of cramping/contractions. This baby needs to stay put for a good 5+ weeks, so please offer a little prayer for us. I'm already spending most of my days in bed, but it's obvious that I can't handle many big outings anymore. I'm a bit worried about starting our co-op this week, so I may have to step back from that earlier than planned. Most of all I need to rest and we need to finalize our lodging plans for our time there, so I can keep from worrying too much. 

But we had a pretty good first week back to homeschooling, and each day we're getting closer to meeting our sweet baby girl! We have a lot to be thankful for. Hope you all have a great week!

Thanks for hosting the link-up, Fine Linen and Purple!


Amelia Bentrup said...

You look great! I love belly shots! Newborn baby clothes are the those cute little things!

Prayers that baby stays put until she's big enough to come out.

Ellen Johnson said...

You look good, Blair! I mean, you're rocking skinny jeans in that second picture! Take it easy for the next 5 weeks..

Jen M said...

You look great! That maxi dress looks comfortable - and I love the shoes you paired with it!

Unknown said...

I will absolutely lift you up in prayer. Let us know what you need!

Julia said...

Just beautiful! Keeping you close in prayer, sweet Blair!

Melissa D. said...

You look great! adorable baby bump!

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