Wednesday, January 15, 2014


After spending the past few days in a bit of a panic, things finally came together today for our housing situation during the Baby Wait! Praise God!  It was a difficult search because we weren't sure exactly what we wanted or needed. Vacant apartments were cheapest, but how would we furnish it enough to be comfortable for a month or more? Furnished apartments and condos were just so very expensive.

Finally after some suggestions to check on vacation rental websites, I found a lovely little cottage, newly remodeled and decorated. It's very close to the hospital, is fully furnished, has a big yard, and should be a good fit for our little family. Well, I guess we're actually a big family and that's the problem! The only hiccup is that it was already booked for our second week there, so we will have to stay with family or friends for that week. 

But I am so relieved and thank you all for praying for us! My contractions have also slowed down since Saturday, so I'm feeling better overall tonight. 

In other baby news, I finally ordered an infant car seat and stroller today! It looks like it will be a fun and convenient set. 

Lime green isn't my favorite color, but it was a great deal! Ironically, my big Phil & Teds double stroller (which I need to sell!) is also a neon green. Today a little rocker seat arrived and a cover for my Boppy pillow. It's nice to check things off the list so we will be able to just enjoy these last few weeks and also try to stay on track with school!

We'll devote a whole post to it, but Mary Clare shot her first deer yesterday! It was a very exciting hunt, but I'll have to let Steven guest post for this one because I surely don't understand the magnitude of what an amazing shot it was. They sure had a fun daddy daughter afternoon!

Steven also took the girls to turn in their homemaking entries for the county Livestock Fair. Ellie entered four things and Mary Clare had six entries. Tomorrow afternoon if I'm feeling up to it, we will drive out to see if they won any awards. It's very competitive, so we'll see what happens. 

Now it's already after midnight so I'd better get some rest before the busy day tomorrow! Goodnight!

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Unknown said...

I'm so glad that things are coming together!

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