Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Well, my outfit wasn't that great today, but I haven't joined up in a couple weeks and not sure if I'll be able to next weekend, so here I am!

Navy 3/4 sleeve tee and one of my favorite skirts both via thrift stores
My new sandals from Marshalls
Handprints smeared on mirror from my kiddos and fuzzy picture thanks to my mad photography skillz!


Earrings stolen from my mom (gift from friend who got them in China!)
Charm bracelet from James Avery had since childhood
Crucifix necklace also had forever

I'm always on the lookout for a shirt that would go well with this skirt.  I planned to wear my new yellow cardi today, but realized that the bright yellow clashed with the mustard yellow on this skirt.  I ended up wearing a turquoise cardi during mass.  Maybe it needs a bright scarf or something?  A white lacy blouse?  Would love your input!

Have a great week, friends!
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Katrina Rose said...

Love that skirt! And those sandals? too cute!

Andrea said...

That really is a great skirt! I would have a hard time finding a top for it too....hmmmm....
You look beautiful as always :-)

Unknown said...

The skirt! The shoes! Fabulous choices this week my friend. Love them!!

Lisa said...

Cute skirt! I love blue & yellow together. And those earrings look so pretty. Yay for sandal weather!

Rosie said...

Love that skirt! Maybe you can go for a totally different colored top and use burgundy or something? I have a skirt like that as well that I've spent years trying to find a top for!

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