Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrating Ellie at American Girl Place!

We had a fun afternoon celebrating Ellie's 8th Birthday with friends
while we were in Houston during Easter week.
 We met at the store and had fun looking around!

Then we had lunch at the Bistro.  It was such a lovely time
with each of these precious girl friends and their moms (and dollies!).

We ordered some cute mini-desserts, 
and they brought Ellie's mini cupcakes with candles.
The whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday!

What a blessing to keep these treasured friendships,
even though we now live a few hours away.
We've known each of these little girls since they were babies!
Thanks to these lovely ladies and their moms
for sharing Ellie's special day (a few weeks early)!

She had been saving her money all school year,
and with some additional birthday gifts from family and friends,
She was able to buy the adorable Caroline doll
(shown here at one of our weekend outings to a statuary).

Elizabeth, your name means
"My God is abundance."
You have always shined His joyful abundance.
May God continue to give you the grace you need
to follow His will and find that joy and abundance
in all you do.

We love you!

1 comment:

Rebekah Es said...

Happy birthday to her! And I love all the little girls with their braided pig tails, so cute!

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