Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to the Beach! (and Monday Motivation)

No What I Wore Sunday today.  Outfit was nothing spectacular and I was in a rush to head to the beach after mass.  These pretty girls are much more fun to look at!  After mass and grocery shopping, I was also dealing with a little car catastrophe that involved a speed bump and a jug of milk that cracked and sprayed all over the trunk!  I was so very grateful for those plastic floor covers today.

Ellie's little friend had a birthday, and so we had a girls' trip to the beach!  The boys went to a minor league baseball game where they had a parade for the Little League teams.  Yesterday we made it out to see the historical missions and fort at a state park in a neighboring town, along with a stop at a cool statuary place on the way.  It was a full weekend!

But tomorrow is Ellie's birthday, so although we partied in Houston, we'll be celebrating our special girl!  Hoping to catch up on photos soon.

I'll go ahead and add my Monday Motivation, so I don't forget...

Goals from last week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. New prayer plan
3. Look for treadmill
4. Make bed each day
5. Clean eating
6. READ aloud every day
7. Print some communion family photos and find thank-you cards for Ellie to sign
8. Meals: Sonic kids night, leftovers, spaghetti, crockpot cream cheese chicken, and find/print some recipes on the healthy meal program a friend gave me

WELL, I paid bills and I made meals, so I guess I was a success there.  Other than that, I've started to fall off the wagon with my eating, haven't discerned a better prayer plan, only made my bed once or twice, and haven't printed photos or found thank-you cards.  I was in a bit of a funk all last week.  So I'm praying for some special graces and energy to get me through this week and try again on some of those goals!

Goals for next week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. New prayer plan
3. Look for treadmill
4. Make bed most days
5. Cleaner eating, smaller portions
6. Weekday read-aloud
7. Continue reading Charlotte Mason Companion and blog some quotes that struck me
8. Print communion photos and find thank-yous
9. Do some weeding and clean area for new statue
10. Meals: leftovers, Calabaza con Pollo, Chicken parmesan, leftovers, breakfast for dinner, print out those healthy meals!

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Rebekah Es said...

Gorgeous beach shots!

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