Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Motivation

 Insta-collage catch-up!

 Top Row L-R: all the kids asleep in our bed while Daddy was gone, out to eat after tball loss SJ tries to blow bubble, Tommy holding at least 3 powdered donuts, MC with baby R who we were babysitting, sunset over the beach dunes.
2nd row: a productive minute doing schoolwork, Mission Espiritu Santo, took the boys to Kohls and they were obsessed with these particular toys, but we left the store with Mommy's help choosing a dinosaur painting kit and puzzle, Mission museum
3rd row: Daddy tries on helmet, walk thru the nature trail at Goliad, Tommy reading a book that he ripped trying to "climb into the sandcastle", Presidio La Bahia fort, Goliad museum again.
4th row: girls in front of Loreto chapel at Presidio, "waterfall braid" on MC, Loreto chapel, a favorite book of nursery rhymes, and someone learned how to climb onto the island...yikes!
5th row: a minute of calm while the boys were reading, a campfire with friends on Friday night, Tommy holding another baby friend A, a nice shady view at the Presidio, and some of our many hummingbird visitors!

Goals from last week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. New prayer plan
3. Look for treadmill
4. Make bed most days
5. Cleaner eating, smaller portions
6. Weekday read-aloud
7. Continue reading Charlotte Mason Companion and blog some quotes that struck me
8. Print communion photos and find thank-yous
9. Do some weeding and clean area for new statue
10. Meals: leftovers, Calabaza con Pollo, Chicken parmesan, leftovers, breakfast for dinner,
print out those healthy meals!

Goals for this week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. Make bed most days
3. Read aloud most days
4. Continue reading Charlotte Mason and blog about it
5. Continue reading "The Optimistic Child"
6. Print Communion photos and find thank-yous
7. Prep for another Houston trip!
8. Make decisions about our family vacation :)
9. Meals: leftovers, Parmesan chicken bake, leftovers, traveling!

And a note here that once I get back into town after traveling later this week, I want to work on a plan for both exercise and prayer.  Okay, the kids are screaming and chasing and fighting.  Must re-direct back to schoolwork.  This post took me twice as long as it should have since I accidentally erased the collage the first time I made it!l

Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!  And to my frequent readers, if I started a Monday Motivation link-up, would you join?  I think it might be helpful for us to encourage each other in our weekly goals!


Rosie said...

I could definitely use some Monday motivation of my own - I think we may be ready to branch out slightly from our "survival mode" of the past 5 months!

Rebekah Es said...

Can I just tell you I always read your motivation, and that I am never ever able to make the beds every day!! Solidarity!

Unknown said...

I love your goals, and that you are honest about what you achieve...and what you don't. Love the photos. Looks like you have a very vibrant life!

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