Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Rangers T-Ball 2013

Steven Joseph (top right) is on the Rangers team again, with the same coach as last spring.  There are a few kids from the other team. too.  It's amazing how much difference a year makes!   This is his 4th season of t-ball.  He started on a YMCA team when he was 3, then played Little League last spring and fall.  Now he's actually able to throw and catch the ball, and often makes some outs each game.  He loves playing pitcher, because that's where all the action is.  

Steven is sometimes the scorekeeper, and I entertain Thomas, often playing catch or passing along my iPhone.  The team is playing pretty well, but sometimes we end up playing against a team of mostly older kids, who I can't even imagine are still 6.  Next year, this group will really shine!  We're grateful that we live much closer to the practice field, but the games are about 20 minutes away.  Now that we're taking a little break from ballet, it will be fun to focus on baseball for awhile.

Here's a quick video of Steven Joseph at bat!

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