Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Motivation

I have a lotta Instagramming to share...

Top Row-baby bro at baseball game, nerf brothers at the park, the hand while SJ holds giant animal cracker jug, friends playing cards on Good Friday, and tie-shopping for daddy.
-Tommy on Easter, kids with my parents, Ellie taking a walk with Holly, Skype with Brice's fam, Tommy doing 1-2-3-Wheee on a walk.
-Ellie self-photo on her Communion Interview day, T playing on cousins' police car, drawing at Nene's, cute suitcases, many many cutie oranges!
-Lighting candles on friends' Easter garden before night prayers, AG store!, AG lunch, AG sisters, watching friends at their Wizard of Oz play practice at the park.
-Girls with NeNe at Merle Norman, Ear Piercing day!, First Holy Communion Day, quick photo before mass, and coming home to some sugar snap peas!

Top Row-me and baby boy, learning to brush his teeth, not giving me peace while I take a bath, how many bags can fit on my stroller for nature club?
-Ellie with a butterfly at nature club, friends checking out the water now pumped into the basin, MC doing her scavenger hunt, and MC swinging
-Babysitting our little friend who isn't so sure about Tommy, T throwing a fit on a day he didn't take a nap, mama in skinny jeans, Ellie at her piano "festival" which I didn't realize was more of a contest.
-Girls browsing after lunch at Cracker Barrel, Boys heading into Lowe's, mommy daddy date, and T with his new haircut!

Goals from last week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. Daily readings
3. Start looking for a treadmill; getting out for Zumba is just not happening
4. Clean eating, recover from a week of junk food!
5. Read to the kids daily
6. Edit and print some Communion and family photos
7. Start intentional prayers about our next school year (curriculum) and activities (ballet, co-ops, etc)
8. Meals: Calabaza Con Pollo, leftovers, roast, crockpot cream cheese chicken, baked chicken and smashed potatoes.

Goals for this week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. New prayer plan
3. Look for treadmill
4. Make bed each day
5. Clean eating
6. READ aloud every day
7. Print some communion family photos and find thank-you cards for Ellie to sign
8. Meals: Sonic kids night, leftovers, spaghetti, crockpot cream cheese chicken, and find/print some recipes on the healthy meal program a friend gave me

Okay, so I didn't do well at all with goals last week.  I've been eating decent portions but a lot of sugar the past few days.  I need to start the treadmill hunt, too!  I think I need to pray about a new prayer routine :)  The daily readings aren't doing it for me, but part of that is because I'm usually remembering at bedtime when I'm totally exhausted.

Some other goals I'd like to work on: Making my bed and read-aloud time.  I get so tempted to climb back in when I'm overwhelmed with the chaos around me.  The kids are SO loud!  And my bed is SO comfy!  Reading aloud is something I've been planning to do for months and have tried a few times, but I need to make it a priority to read to the kids every morning.  We started Swallows and Amazons a few months ago, and I'm hoping we can finish it and start a new book this summer.  Reading time is going to be a major summertime goal.

Also, I'm horrible with handwritten thank-yous but we have a bunch leftover from MC's First Communion, so first I have to find them and then help Ellie to write them.  And print out a photo to add.  It's going to take awhile.  Maybe by early May will be my goal.  St. me find those cards!  I found the box...but inside is...Steven's shoe shining kit, LOL!

Okay, the kids are loud and crazy (see first meal listed above...Sonic...which included slushies and a free ice cream cone), and I'm flying solo so I must get them calmed down.  Gotta start working on our bedtime routine too.  But that'll be a summer goal.  Hope you're all having a good week!  My Monday has been a mess (both emotionally and in my physical surroundings), but I have high hopes for a better Tuesday.

Oh my goodness, if you could hear the noise level around me.  Off to find my peppermint essential oil for my headache....

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Unknown said...

Oh! Your family is so beautiful! Hugs!

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