Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday Motivation

It's just a few minutes away from Monday!  I'm here with a toddler who slept at least 2 hours in the car, plus some napping during Mass.  Praying he'll fall asleep soon.  It's been a big week and I'm a tired mommy!

It really was the most wonderful Spring Break! We got to see so many friends and all of our Houston family.  It was a very special week for Ellie as she celebrated a birthday lunch with friends at American Girl, got her ears pierced, and received her First Holy Communion today on Divine Mercy Sunday.  We also visited the zoo, had some playdates, attended our goddaughter's birthday, went to some park days with homeschooling friends, and spent special time with family.

I can't put into words the joy I had in my heart sharing this Divine Mercy Sunday and First Holy Communion for Ellie with so many of our close friends and family members.  But I'll try to once I post the pictures.  We begin this week with new graces, with joy in our hearts and sweet memories in our minds.  I was just listening to one of my favorite Christian contemporary songs (How He Loves Us) and the line "If His grace is an ocean, we're all sinking!"  We are sinking in His abundant graces for sure!

It's going to be hard to get back into our routines for these next few weeks of homeschooling.  I'm hoping we'll finish up before the end of May.  I can't believe the school year is nearing an end!  I look forward to sharing some of our curriculum experiences, as I start to plan our new year.

Here are some weekly goals. 

Goals from 2 weeks ago:
1. File paperwork and make bill phone call
2. Daily readings
3. Workout 1x
4. Minimal white flour and sugar
5. Read to the kids daily
6. Prep for Ellie's First Confession on Good Friday
7. Early prep before ballet and t-ball
8. Pack for Houston
9. Mementos for Ellie's table at reception
10. Sew sleeves on her dress
and take portraits
11. Meals: We have 2 t-ball games and 2 days of ballet, plus Steven will probably be out of town at some point.  This week will be scrounging, leftovers, and things like breakfast/cereal for dinner.

Goals for this week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. Daily readings
3. Start looking for a treadmill; getting out for Zumba is just not happening
4. Clean eating, recover from a week of junk food!
5. Read to the kids daily
6. Edit and print some Communion and family photos
7. Start intentional prayers about our next school year (curriculum) and activities (ballet, co-ops, etc)
8. Meals: Calabaza Con Pollo, leftovers, roast, crockpot cream cheese chicken, baked chicken and smashed potatoes.


Rebekah Es said...

Just beautiful! How wonderful that it could be on Divine Mercy Sunday. I love your image of God's grace, overwhelming.

Rosie said...

So beautiful! And you did a great job with those cap sleeves - my mom made my first communion dress and I was the only girl with a peplum, poofy sleeves, and a pencil skirt... Ellie looks so timeless :)

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