Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Insanity Weekend!

I guess I left my blog readers hanging, at least those who aren't on Facebook! After a few days of waiting for updates about our closing, and a lot of behind the scenes issues and extra work by Steven, our realtor, and our mortgage broker, we finally got word around midday Thursday that we'd be able to close that evening. We closed just in time for all the financial stuff to come together, to get the keys, and for me to take the girls to their final dress rehearsal that evening.

The next three days were an absolute frenzy of packing, moving, cleaning, and Nutcracker. It was totally crazy. We were running around town, back and forth to the houses, trading off kids, trying to remember to feed them, going to and from the theater for the ballet, and overall just trying to survive the weekend.

We made it through with a lot of help from our friends! Four girlfriends came to help pack and clean Friday evening with two coming back again on Saturday afternoon. Another dad from church and his son and nephew helped Steven on Friday and Saturday, and then Steven's sister came on Saturday afternoon to watch the Nutcracker with me and help with the madness! We had a moving company help on Sunday morning for a few hours and then continued cleaning and moving loads on Sunday and Monday too. A friend brought a meal on Monday which was so appreciated. We are very grateful for all that help!

Steven saw the ballet on Sunday afternoon while I cleaned and also sold the playhouse on Craigslist. I was sad to see it go, but glad it went to a sweet young family with a 3yr old girl. The first couple who came to look at it were wanting to buy it for their dogs! There just wasn't a place for it here in the new house, but it will hold many special memories, especially those of my little 2- and 4-year-old girls that Christmas morning right after Steven Joseph was born. How I miss those sweet babygirls!

We went to a late Sunday evening mass at the nearest parish, which happened to include the "parish financial update" homily, complete with pie charts and an older couple sharing about generous giving. An hour and a half later I wasn't feeling very generous, just anxious to finish up the move! Late Monday evening, Steven left the house with the last load. What a relief! Hoping those crazy memories fade into oblivion. Moving is no fun! I'm interested to see how much of our deposit we get back...

So although we've been sleeping here since Friday, today was the first day I could start to really enjoy the new house. And I got a phone call this morning that we'd be getting special visitors! My parents finally made it to CC to see us and they surprised the kids at the door! What a treat. The kids were thrilled and spent those few hours eating up their time with NeNe and PaPa. What a special day!

Tomorrow we should get phone and Internet service again, and I'll have to go ahead and purchase more storage for the blog so I can catch up on photos! For now, I'm unpacking and basking in all the joys of this house. To name a few...
Cul-de-sac street
Big backyard
Lovely porch
Homey living room
Beautiful kitchen
Garden tub in the pretty master bath
Wood laminate floors
Our new tempurpedic mattress!

Hope to update with photos soon!

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Melissa D. said...

Whew!! You survived! I bet you will look back the last week with fond memories, even though it sounds like getting through it was a bit crazy. Hallelujah!!

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