Friday, December 14, 2012


Well, I finally got the video uploaded, so NeNe can finally see our little mice!  Here they are at dress rehearsal.  For some reason the camera wouldn't focus!  It's of course hard to tell who's who, but Ellie is first in line and Mary Clare second, when they come out leaping from the left of the screen.  When kneeling in front of the Rat King, MC is in the front of the circle (backside facing audience) and Ellie is two over to the left.  She creeps away at one point.  And at the end Ellie trails off with the Rat King's sword and stuff.  It's the whole battle scene with a bit of "Snow" at the end :)

The mice in costume

Clara (there were two, and they each got to perform twice)

Clara with the mice

With choreographers shadow at the left!

The dolls during the party scene.  The girl doll is one of their teachers.

Glimpse of Kingdom of Sweets set

Clara and Nutcracker

Rat King and mice

And finally, a little glimpse of the party scene!

We can't wait for next year, and for the fun Alice in Wonderland ballet they'll perform in March!

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