Sunday, December 09, 2012

I'm back!

We finally got the computer hooked up a couple nights ago, and just this morning moved it downstairs into the master bedroom for now.  I haven't bought more storage yet, but maybe I can post some pictures in low-resolution since I've heard that if they are 800x800 pixels or smaller, they don't count against your storage quota.

Oh how I wish I could just focus these next few weeks on organizing our new home, decorating, and letting the kids play!  But tomorrow we really have to get started back to school!  I'm not quite sure how that's going to go over since I don't have the printer hooked up for checklists and I don't really know where all their books are and I don't know where we're going to actually be doing school in the new house.

Every room is coming together, except the front dining room which is just full of boxes.  We have a big lack of storage here, both bookshelves and storage cabinets, compared to the last two houses.  So we haven't opened any of the boxes with photos and other decorations besides Christmas stuff!  But I'm loving so many things about this house and having fun putting everything together.  This weekend we had several great Craigslist finds!  I'll share the photos soon!

I'm feeling really overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done, mostly unpacking and organizing, but also all our change-of-address needs, along with medical and dental check-ups.  And Christmas is in two weeks!  Ahhh!  Amazon will be my go-to for Christmas shopping, and I have most of our own little family's gifts figured out. 

The past few days we've been dealing with another little tummy bug, just Thomas and me, but it has kept me from accomplishing all I wanted to get done this weekend.  And of course I'd love to catch up on blogging!  Hopefully we can get on a good evening schedule with the kids going to bed early so I can have some computer time.  I'm also working on actively weaning Thomas again.  He's just getting so verbal, and starting to ask to nurse in public.  He also unlatched and told me a knock-knock joke the other day (Knock, knock.  Who's there?  Boo.  Boo who?  Don't cry, it's just a joke!).  He is getting too big for this!  Wish me luck this week without Daddy's help!

Okay, nevermind, I went ahead and bought storage since I couldn't even upload a compressed collage I just made of iPhone photos from before the move.  Here it is:

Top row, L-R: MC and her fun side braid, apple pie, a noodle creation, ellie in the morning, and the girls with their boxes they made for Operation Christmas Child.
2nd row: out for frozen yogurt after dropping off the boxes, my ornaments for the Jesse Tree exchange, one of the last tree climbs at the old house, my furniture projects, and flag football with the cousins
3rd row: more flag football on thanksgiving, singing Christmas carols with NeNe, snow during Nutcracker intermission, girls with friends who performed in community Nutcracker, and Daddy with the boys by Woodlands Waterway.
4th row: at waterway after Goose's Acre lunch with the boys, our truck up high getting fixed, trying to figure out how to get important stuff out of it (mechanic had to use a ladder to climb in), Thomas with fruit cup, and the mice girls!
5th row: doll scene during nutcracker dress rehearsal, drawing at the table, and 3 of the last time to our neighborhood park before we moved!

So after I post a Nutcracker video, and SJ's baseball photos, I'll be caught up till the move!

Monday Motivation:
Goals from last 2 weeks:
1. Pack and move!  Find more boxes and buy some plastic bins.
2. Survive Nutcracker week!  Buy new ballet shoes for girls.
3. Possibly purchase a mattress for us so we don't have to move it twice.
4. Change all the utilities/addresses when we have a moving date (city, electric, phone/internet, cell, insurance, etc).
5. Clean out rental home, steam carpets.
6. Change girls' well-check appt.
7. Zumba 3x/wk
8. Meals: Leftovers, quesadillas, pizza, ???? (Not going to stress out about this; we may eat out for several dinners this week.  I wanted to "close" the kitchen and pack it up, but will wait until we have a definite moving date.  I bought a lot of lunch, breakfast, and snack foods to get us through the week!)
Goals for this week:
1. Get some homeschooling done, at least math, spelling, reading, and religion.
2. Change addresses
3. Back to Zumba 2x this week
4. Buy Christmas presents online
5. Continue unpacking and organizing
6. Well checks for the girls, call about dental appts
7. Two piano lessons (one a make-up) and piano recital on Saturday
8. Meals...not sure what Steven bought at the store tonight?  Will have to check on this.  Probably pancakes one night, oh and this reminds me...
9. Call appliance repair.  Problem with ice maker and freezer temp on new fridge :(  We were so excited about the french door stainless fridge that came with the house, but it's proving to have some issues, unfortunately.

Must get to bed!  Happy Monday, all!

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Laura said...

DO NOT TRY AND DO SCHOOL RIGHT NOW! This comes from a very loving place, but I repeat~ take a break from school. You have so much to do with the move.....this should be a time of enjoying setting up your new the great scheme of things, a few days off of school right now will not make a difference a year from now...or even a month from now. Let your children play in their new space....let them discover all of the wonderful things about their new house!
Thinking of you!!!!! You are doing great!
xo, Laura

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