Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chasing butterflies

It has been awhile since I've had a late night inspiration to write, or to blog more than photos.  I usually fall into bed after some time on Facebook, some Christmas shopping or Craigslist browsing, a few chores, and often my little companion begging to watch Blue's Clues or listen to "Jellyman Kelly" or "Rolling in the Deep" (his odd fascination with the song by Adele).

This afternoon, I peeked outside into the backyard to see my giddy 7 year-old little girl chasing a butterfly.  She was mostly standing still and watching it flutter around, and hoping it would land on her for just a moment.  After 15 minutes or so, I had to ask her come in to get ready for ballet class.  But oh how I wanted to just let her play outside chasing that butterfly all day! 

I was brought to tears watching her innocence, and thinking of the innocence stripped away from so many children and families this week.  Teachers, parents and children should not have to worry about a random shooter barging into their school.  Those little 7 year-old girls with sweet smiles and bright eyes should be sleeping peacefully in their colorful beds tonight.  Those families should not have to bury their children.  Those students, staff, and responders should not have had to witness such a tragedy.  Oh this fallen world!

But my thoughts also lie with the shooter.  His family.  The many, many scores of souls out there who are lost.

Tonight I got a Facebook message from a childhood friend in great need.  I am saddened to think of how many other people are out there who just need someone to talk to, just need some professional help for their mental and psychological struggles.  Just need to know that someone loves and cares about them.

I am honestly overwhelmed right now.  I wish I could help people with more than a few encouraging words and prayers.  Maybe I can.  But for now, I know I need to focus on the needs in my own family.  There are great needs in my extended family.  There are people who need to know they are loved by God and by me.  And how am I showing it to them?  Am I showing it to them?

I want all little children in this world to be able to chase butterflies in their yard without a care in the world.  They should dance around their homes with reckless abandon.  They should be able to go to school, to church, to the mall, to the park, even out in their own front yard without having to worry about kidnappings or random acts of violence.  They should not have to worry about having enough food to eat, or if they are safe from their caretakers.  They should not have to worry about war.

I also hope for those who are lost...to have someone to care for them.  Someone to pray for them. Someone to show them unconditional love.  Someone to show them the love of the Father.  Something to live for.  Some hope for the future.  Some help in their weakness.  Some coping mechanisms to make it through the hard days.  Some person to be there in their times of great trouble.

God's mercy be upon all lost souls,
His peace be with the sorrowful,
His innocence be with the children,
His Spirit surround us,
His Son redeem us.

Mother Mary, cover us in your mantle of love.  Help us to see hope and joy in your Newborn Son.
Holy Innocents, pray for us!


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