Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Piano Recital

Ellie started with a new piano instructor late this summer, and then Mary Clare joined in this fall. They've been taking since about March, around 9 months.  I think they're doing really well!  Mary Clare isn't sure she wants to continue (hates practicing), but we'll see come January.

Here are the videos:

And photos...
Ellie and Mrs. S setting up for her first song, Away in a Manger.

Playing with her teacher.  This was actually a Halloween song, "Zoom, Zoom, Witches Broom," but Ellie enjoyed it so much, they changed the name to "Gray, Gray, Winter Day" for the Christmas recital :)

I guess I only got one shot of Mary Clare playing her song, "On this Wondrous Night."  The only other photo was mid-bow ;)

Snacking with friends afterwards.  It was held at a piano store.

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