Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baseball Boy!

Five years old today!  We have had an eventful 5 years, and look forward to many more exciting years to come.  This boy is always smiling, is cuddly and affectionate, is the sweetest big brother, and is just an active and fun little guy!  He loves learning about Jesus in the Atrium this year.  We hope you have a great birthday, Steven Joseph, and a fantastic Christmas!

While I'm talking about him here, I'll have it known that I often refer to him as SJ here for easy typing, but we never call him that.  I've been trying to convince him to go back to Joey or Steve, but he only wants to be "Steven" or "Steven Joseph."  Oh well.  It's just so confusing when I'm calling STEVEN in the house!

I'll also take this opportunity to share all the rest of the videos and photos from his t-ball season!

The first one is cute, but I just love the second one and how he's jumping up and down waiting at 3rd base!

This was one of the few cold days we've had in South Texas this year!  And now, the many baseball poses of SJ...

Big sister was prepared for the cold weather!

Watching his favorite YouTube videos

WHAT?  No snow-cones on this chilly day?  Disappointed boy.

Ellie was equipped with her American Girl magazine.

One of his last games, at the old field.

His loyal fans

Foul ball

Happy kid with his lollipop.  This makes me want to jump in and say, "you're going to fall!  Get that out of your mouth!"

Number one.

Last game (left my good camera in the car)

Team Party.  With his coach and trophy.

Yay Cardinals!

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