Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Waiting and waiting

So...this is like when you have a baby and people keep asking when you're due, when the baby is coming, etc.  WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN WE ARE CLOSING ON THE HOUSE.  Every day we hope it's the day, but every day something comes up. 

Maybe I can convince Steven to tell his adventure story from yesterday which included a visit to the Congressman's office, along with a trip to Houston and back to get our now-fixed Suburban, a rolled-over propane truck shutting down the highway, and waiting an hour at the rental car place for the guy from the car dealership to pick him up, followed by wild stories of this guy's "secret government agency-working friend" and their adventures with the law.  In the end through a wide range of events, he was able to get the one missing paperwork item emailed through the Congressman's office.  So yeah, my husband is pretty awesome.  We'll see how many more strings he can pull to get us into this house before December!

My week has been spent with boxes...looking at boxes and trying to motivate myself to pack empty boxes.  Whining at the kids to do some schoolwork and stop playing with the toys I'm trying to pack.  Hoping we could get into the house before the Nutcracker chaos begins (not likely, starts tomorrow).  Trying to convince Thomas that I don't want to nurse him right now!  I'm not keen on sharing a ton of toddler nursing stories, but he's really pretty funny about it and I'm resigned to the fact that I am horrible with weaning...pretty much I'm a total-pushover in all aspects of parenting. 

So I tell him he's too big to nurse.  Big boys don't nurse, nursing is for little babies.  "Are you a big boy, Thomas?"  NO.  "Are you a baby, Thomas?" NO.  "What are you?" TWO.  He is definitely two.  He fights me about every diaper change and every time I try to put clothes or shoes on him.  Totally two.  His other latest nursing comment when I tell him I'm not nursing him and I cover up my chest with a blanket or pillow: "LET ME IN!!!" And finally, when Steven arrived home from work today and I was letting him nurse while rocking in the rocking chair and talking to a friend on the phone...He yells across the house, "Hi Daddy!  I'm nursing!"

Please pray that I can detach this child from my chest in the coming months.  And some prayers that we might be able to move before we all lose our minds amidst the chaos of the half-packed house.  Also for the intentions of two family members and one friend, two of whom have desperate housing needs that make our little hiccups pale in comparison to their great needs.  Thanks for praying!

Other thoughts on this Tuesday:
-Calabaza Con Pollo is such a great meal.  I should make it every other week or so.  If only we could eat it without the sour cream, shredded cheese, and fresh tortillas!  Mmmmm
-Going to the mall by myself at 7pm is half-relaxing and half-headache-inducing.  I'm proud of myself for leaving behind the Gymboree sales (since I already bought online with their sale last night!), and the cute clearance jewelry at Forever 21.
-Everyone said it would take a year before I'd start to feel at home.  I think I'm getting there.  It took a year and a new house, but God knows what I need, right?

It's looking to be a Wacky Wednesday....hope yours is Wonderful!

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Josie said...

Hi Blair. I had to share this Calabacita con pollo recipe I use. It's healthy too!


Praying you get into your house soon.

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