Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Motivation!

Zumba!  Talk about being motivated, I woke up and went to Zumba at 5:30am today!  Yay for Monday Morning fun!  Last week I went to my friend's classes on Tuesday and Saturday, and I'm hoping to make 3 or 4 classes this week to get me moving again.  Those ladies this morning had some serious energy at 5:30am...hope I can get to that point after a couple more week!

What I wore Sunday.  I think it's fun that a bunch of the mommy bloggers are joining the What I Wore Sunday link-ups.  My Sunday clothing is rarely blog-worthy...but maybe when I lose a bit of weight and can fit into some of my skirts again, I'll join up too!  What I wore yesterday...pajamas all day!  We had a stomach virus going around and I was sick all Saturday evening.  I didn't want to pass along those germs, and some of the kids were feeling bad, so I didn't make it to Mass :-( 

Moving in 2 weeks!  I did get a good start on the packing this weekend!  I've got almost all the kids' books packed along with a start on some of the toys.  I'm working on toy organization. It was fun to find some toddler toys (wooden puzzes, etc) that Thomas hadn't seen in awhile because the toy baskets have been so mixed up! We had packers and movers paid for by Steven's company when we moved here a year ago, so I had to organize when we arrived, after the packers threw everything together in boxes.  This time it'll hopefully be easier, since I can organize and purge everything as I pack it.  Steven's car was loaded up with clothes, shoes, books, and toys this morning to drop off at a donation spot!  

The final countdown.  I love thinking about all the "lasts" in this house...last time to do this or that.  There are so many things I'm looking forward to in the new house...the location near friends and walking distance from a church, the cul-de-sac, the big backyard and patio, the laminate wood floors, and my dream kitchen to name a few.  But I think the thing I'm most looking forward to is the master bath!  Our last two master bathrooms have been shower-only and they have been rather dark showers, where you feel like you're in a cave and can't even see your legs to shave them!  When I was sitting in my shower on a metal chair Saturday night (while sick), I was dreaming of my nice bright bathroom, and especially the big bathtub.  It sounded so appealing to a tired, sick mama.  I can't wait!

Whoop for the Aggies and the Texans!  I think my husband is a happy football fan after those games!

Look how well I did with my goals last week! 

Goals from week:
1.  Daily Readings, Laudate App (about half the days)
2.  Schedule dr/dentist appts (still waiting for pediatrician to call back!)
3.  Vote!  Pro-Life rally and Holy Hour on Voting day
4.  5:30am Zumba 2x/week!
5.  Find boxes and start packing
6.  Bills/Budget update
7.  Nature Club prep
8.  Photography project for girls (I let them take too many photos and now the battery needs charging and I need to delete most of the pictures!)
9.  Meals: leftovers, Grill steaks and chicken, quesadillas, baked chicken and rice, pizza
Goals for this week:
1. Daily readings, Laudate App
2. Bills/budget update (phone call for one specific bill needed)
3. Zumba at least 3 days
4. Follow up on pediatrician
5. Continue packing
6. Visit Botanical Garden
7. Painting projects!
8. Meals: leftovers, spaghetti, pasta bake, rotisserie chicken-wraps and Calabaza con pollo, maybe one night eating out.

Hoping to move along with these goals, so we don't get too overwhelmed with the move!  Have a great week!

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