Monday, November 05, 2012

iPhone Collage Memories

from top left: girls at Nutcracker rehearsal, T watching SJ's tball game, someone's nose, MC trying on stuff at The Gap, and the hallway of coats and sweaters that need hangers!
row 2: Ellie practicing her Christmas piano piece, the cooking challenge team practicing, T on the guitar at 6am, T dancing on the new rug, MC and her St. Gianna costume
row 3: saint procession into mass, boys in the bath, girls with "toilet tattoos" to show NeNe, MC in shades at some store, E reading to SJ at bedtime
row 4: kids playing video games at urgent care last fri, waiting to see dr at urgent care (SJ had croupy cough), E taking self-portrait while on the phone, Daddy cleaning his ducks from hunting while the boys look on, and Daddy with T and friend W at church festival
row 5: T is the only one on the carousel!, SJ on his first rock climb, vision of the festival--kids' Saturday night dream and parents nightmare!, cooking challenge team with their blue ribbons, and both my girls with their 4H awards!

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