Monday, November 05, 2012

Monday Motivation

Ah, a new week with a time change!  Going to work on early morning productivity this week!  Voting Day tomorrow with a Pro-Life prayer vigil at the abortion clinic followed by a holy hour.  Also, we've got our 2nd nature club on Thursday!  And I have an exercise plan and plans to start packing soon.  We had a very FULL weekend with a doctor visit Friday night, a festival Saturday night, and dinner with friends Sunday night.  Hopefully we'll have a restful and productive Monday.  But I've got to get everyone moving, now!!! Will update pictures soon.
Goals from last week:
1. Bills
2. Daily readings, use Laudate App
3. Call last few people for Nutcracker donations and reminder email to others
4. Schedule well-checks and dental appts
5. Prep for All Hallow's Eve celebration, costume for Thomas
6. Prep for 4H food show and food challenge
7. Meals: Crockpot Roast, Carnitas, Leftovers, Baked chicken and rice, food at church
8. Checklist for school, stay on schedule!
Goals for this week:
1.  Daily Readings, Laudate App
2.  Schedule dr/dentist appts
3.  Vote!  Pro-Life rally and Holy Hour on Voting day
4.  5:30am Zumba 2x/week!
5.  Find boxes and start packing
6.  Bills/Budget update
7.  Nature Club prep
8.  Photography project for girls
9.  Meals: leftovers, Grill steaks and chicken, quesadillas, baked chicken and rice, pizza

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