Friday, February 12, 2010

Videos of Dominican Sisters

If you have yet to watch the Oprah show about the Dominican Sisters of Mary from Michigan, take a few minutes to watch these videos. I've visited convents many times, most recently in my July 2008 trip to see the Nashville Dominicans with Stevie (who got to go in the cloister--forbidden part of the convent!) to attend the final profession of one of my dear friends from college, but this show really touched my heart in a new way in reflecting on religious life.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives and the similar lives of our fellow mommy-friends that we don't take the time to think about the lives of others, how others are giving their lives to Christ...serving as priests, nuns, missionaries. They count on our prayers just as we count on their prayers and their service to build up the church.

Aside from thinking about these young, intelligent, beautiful young ladies and their paths to God, it has made me think about my own children. I know many parents start praying for their children's future spouses when they are babies. I have prayed for their future vocations before, but now in a new way I think I can see how important it is to do it daily. And also to recognize daily what we are all needing and longing for...that silence, that peace, that detachment material possessions. We can give each of those to our children in a small way, by making times of silence during the day, by helping them find peace and finding it ourselves in our daily activities, by showing an example of simplicity and putting importance of people before things.

I hope we can give our children that chance to hear Christ in a way that most people are not afforded these days. So many children encounter sin, evil, anger, greed, poverty, hunger, and hopelessness on a daily basis. Some have never been taught to pray, they have no idea who Christ is. They need our prayers so much. Our own children are blessed to be surrounded by loving Christian families and examples of holy living. They are taught at home, to love God and their family most, to enjoy learning, and to try each day to live in charity, to listen to God in prayer. I fail every day at this, but I hope in living this radical Catholic lifestyle we are giving them at least a part of what are hopes are for their futures.

Whatever God calls each of our children to, I pray that they will follow him closely, love him deeply, know him profoundly. I pray that every day Steven and I can grow ourselves so that we can be this example of love. May St. Valentine pray for all of us this weekend, that we may know the Giver of all Love, Love Itself, Love Divine, Love Excelling...the true love of all our hearts, Jesus Christ. Thanks to the Sisters of Mary (and to Oprah and Lisa Ling) for reminding me about Who this Love Is!

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