Monday, February 08, 2010

First Friday and Valentine Party

Must start with a photo of the adorable Valentines my mom made for the kids (which I'm stealing from their website because I forgot to photograph the fantastic creations). They were all unique and special. Here are Steven Joseph's...

We enjoy making our Valentine boxes, and this year got to add Steven Joseph's. He was so excited to join in the Valentine fun! We also made a box for one of the siblings of little Augustine. Our group came together to make some wonderful Valentine gifts for this grieving family.

I think SJ has more fun than the "real" preschoolers at Pray & Play! Here he is stamping

Making a Valentine for Daddy!

Ellie working hard...

Now to the party at the park! And if you're wondering, no my kids weren't eating the healthy sandwiches. We enjoyed the 50 nugget Superbowl Special from McDonald's. The kids were a bit overwhelmed by that big a box of nuggets, which were all eaten by the end of the day!

SJ admiring all the other boxes before he got his own back, filled with treats!

The highlight of his day....

"Mommy! Wet! Clothes off!"
I had to strip him down and cover him in the stroller. Then he fell fast asleep :-)

Mary Clare is ready for her turn to pass out Valentines!

With her girlfriends

MC and lots of her 1st grade friends!

The Valentine boxes for the S family. I hope they brighten their day a little...

It was a beautiful Friday followed by a beautiful weekend. More photos to come!


Neen said...

I don't know if you have seen my Valentine post but I have two pictures that Maggie must have taken from the girls from the side. It was so cute and I wondered who they were smiling at. Your pictures are so adorable, they had to be posing for you. They all look so happy and joyful. Love it!
PS Thanks for being the one to make sure that Gus's family got Valentines. It was a small detail maybe, but I a big one to those kids.

Melissa D. said...

precious. I really love the "all boy" pics of SJ splashing in the puddles, and then stripping in public as well. :)

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