Thursday, February 04, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes from my week...the science museum and my birthday!

We attended the Free Afternoon at the Museum of Natural Science
(every Tuesday after 2pm!). Ellie was not so thrilled about the dinosaurs. She was sucking her two fingers most of the visit. Not sure if she was tired or scared, probably both.

Mary Clare loved it.
The exhibits were closer to her level, and of course she enjoyed spending time with her friends too. She and Ellie are watching a giant pendulum in the 2nd photo.

Steven Joseph was fairly content in the stroller for most of the visit,
thankfully...since our little friend C was with us, as well as 7 other children under 7! Here he is by the dinosaurs and the African animals.

Today (Thursday) was my birthday!
I'd been craving this special bakery cake. Someone bought one for Kelly's baptism and she asked that they serve it at her funeral reception. In her honor, I indulged today! Buttercream frosting, yum!

My mom also made some special mini-cupcakes, not knowing my cake obsession would also need to be fulfilled. Thank you, Mom!

Me with my favorite little people!

Oh how I love kid gifts!
Here is a homemade card and old Christmas card (from '05) that MC made a frame for, with some scrapbooking supplies she got for her birthday.

Mary Clare had been saving this jewelry box and ring holder for several weeks in her room. It belonged to my grandmother. Inside the jewelry box were coins from her piggybank to help buy my cake.

Ellie gave me a Miraculous Medal necklace (which came with a donation petition in the mail last week :). She wrapped it in tissue paper with a sparkly "B" painted on the top in glitter glue.

My parents gave me a generous Apple gift card, which I'll be able to use in a few weeks when my cell phone plan runs out and I get an iPHONE!!!!

All of us were "off" today but Steven Joseph gave quite a performance
running around the barbecue restaurant. Twice he made a dirty diaper, and he even got lost once. Here's where he wanted to spend his time...

Hubby then came home tonight with a gorgeous bouquet and grilled a wonderful dinner for us, followed by some more RJ Goodies cake. What more could I ask for?

I am one blessed mama!
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Christine said...

Happy Birthday Blair, and thanks for stopping by blog a while ago.

Neen said...

I am so glad to see that you had a joyous birthday. I hoped your kiddos would not let you down. They are special young people for sure. I don't know about this cake. I missed that birthday party and then the funeral so please share what kind of special cake had you so inticed.

Yesterday was also Natalia's birthday. The Mass at St. Anthony's was offered in Kelly's name. We went and prayed for Kelly, Natalia, Gus's family,a nd for you. Happy day!

Jody said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Jenny said...

It sounds like a great birthday! You are blessed!

Jessica said...

I love the shot of SJ on the table. That is sooo what my Owen would do. If our two boys ever get the chance to play together, they'll be hysterically adorable!!!

Kelli said...

R J GOODIES IS AMAZING!!! We used to live in Spring and ALWAYS got cakes there. Now we are in the Katy area, and I have yet to find a bakery that serves the same deliciousness as RJ's

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