Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Garden 2010

Steven got 2 crates from work and found one near a dumpster in College Station.
We spent a few afternoons painting them white.

We found some nice spots for them on our back porch

and added the dirt.

Later we added some colorful artwork too!

Steven has also planted 2 tomato plants upside down in plastic buckets.
We'll see how those work out!

Finally, late Sunday night they planted the vegetable seeds.

Hopefully we'll see some sprouts soon!


Colleen said...

Love those boxes! They are so pretty and cheerful and make me smile. Looks like you'll have a fabulous garden!

Anonymous said...

Hello Blair
where did you get the idea to grow a tomatoe plant like that? It looks very interesting!! it does seem logical, the plant gets lots of water and by hanging the branches donot need to be propped up. I will be really interested in its growth :-)
Theresa in ALberta

Melissa D. said...

I love this whole idea. very fun for the fam!

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