Saturday, February 13, 2010


I love that my 7 year-old will still take her dolls everywhere. Yesterday we met my parents at a restaurant and she was pushing her baby in a stroller. She got so many grins.

She also was unashamed to give her 11 year-old friend a wooden crucifix that she painted by hand at her big birthday party last night. She loves wrapping gifts from around the house to give to Steven and I, or my mom.

Sometimes I feel like she is so old, but then I remember that she's still such a little girl and am thankful for her sweet innocence.

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Jill said...

I, too, am thrilled when Aslynn plays with her baby dolls. She actually got a baby doll for her birthday from a friend today. She is more into her American Girl dolls now, but I love seeing it all. Yep, it's sad when these little girls are into the current pop stars and all the 'grown up' stuff...
Among other things, that is my objection to video games for little boys. Why rush their precious years of creative playing? There are so many years for 'big kid' stuff ahead.

Let them be little!!

(Our girls would get along great! Still love their little girl stuff, but also fashionistas at heart!)

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