Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Big Brother

Knowing that he's now a big brother has made me feel like
my little guy is growing up right before my eyes!

Still keeping me on my toes daily, doing things like this!

This was on Ash Wednesday, when one of his sisters must have felt bad
that he slept through the service and didn't get ashes. She added a few for him, in marker!

Little Man was THRILLED to go to the Chick-fil-A family night and find they were having a winter wonderland party, complete with an "Ice Fishing" booth. He must've spent at least half an hour there.

He is all about shirts with numbers. He calls them running shirts.
This one is his "Aggie wunning shirt"!

Singing away at the park for Friday's nature club.

Helping with the gardening this weekend.

Steven Joseph is now 26 months old as of yesterday. His vocabulary is just exploding! We are constantly surprised and amazed at the stuff he comes up with!

The other night he found a little onesie with the girls' doll clothes and put it on his legs. He was showing off, but Mary Clare started to admonish him. She was whining that he was going to stretch it out and the baby might need it! I told her not to worry and everyone calmed down. A few minutes later, Steven Joseph came up to me with the onesie taken off and tried to put it down my shirt "Baby wear shirt." He knows the baby is in my tummy and I thought it was so cute he was wanting to share!

One thing he's not quite ready to share is mama's milk. We're working on that one. This is the longest I've nursed any of the kids (the girls were both 22 months), but I kept going longer with him partially because I thought he'd be having heart surgery soon. I know that nursing will start to get painful as the pregnancy continues and so we're working on cutting down. He does great when we're out and about, but if we're at home he wants to nurse all the time! I'm sure it will work out as the weeks go by, but I admit I'm a little sad at weaning my baby boy!

He loves telling stories, particularly about fishing, the dog getting out of the house and Daddy having to chase him, and about his different balls/sports. He watched a friend play in a roller hockey game a few weeks ago, so now he plays "hockey team" with his golf clubs and balls every day.

Tonight the girls found him a baby boy doll and he was so proud toting it around the house with all the gear they'd set up for him. He named the baby "Aggie". We keep asking him if Mommy has a baby boy or girl in my tummy, but he forever insists it's just a baby. He did claim he saw a boy up high (on the ceiling?) in our room one morning last week. I was curious if he was seeing designs on the curtains, or an angel, or something else?

Well, that's the update on Little Man. Tomorrow morning I'll have my first appointment and hopefully the ultrasound to see his little brother or sister's heartbeat. Please keep us in prayer as I know it will be nerve-wracking for me. Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Jill said...

I love the updates on your little man. He reminds me so much of my little Henry! Henry loves sneaking in the refrigerator and sucking down yogurts or whatever he can find. I keep the Ranch dressing out of sight, though...we have to get that imported and I'm protective of it! ;)

I love the picture of him in his camoflauge. What a sweetheart.

Prayers for you tomorrow at the appointment.

Beverly said...

What a wonderful legacy your blog is for your children! These reflections are priceless, and will be even more appreciated as time passes. Congratulations on having your act so together to record the thoughts and preserve precious memories!

Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound of JoJo's baby brother or sister!

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