Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why I'm a little scarce this week...

An old friend is in town for work, and I've been caring for her sweet 4 month-old. As you can tell, the girls love it! Steven Joseph, you can see him glaring from the high chair, is usually very sweet with the baby. But then there are the times when both are fussing, both need to be fed, both need a changing, or both just ned some attention! The girls have been a great help! On Tuesdays, I also babysit a preschool-aged friend, so making it through yesterday was a big accomplishment! On the agenda today for "D" week (aside from baby "D") is lots of ballerina books for "Dancing" and the girls are anxiously awaiting the making of biscuit-dough "Doughnuts!" Hope your Wednesday is filled with fun!

1 comment:

Josie said...

I love how you base your theme on the letter of the week. I use to do that too when I taught Kindergarten but I was the only one then. It is so relevant for them this way! Great job on all your homeschooling accomplishments. You are amazing!

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