Monday, September 28, 2009

Along the Alphabet Path--Letter D

Using the lesson plans from Serendipity, ideas from Jessica, and adding my own flair to them, here are the highlights of our 4th week of homeschooling!

D is for...

~~~Double Daisy flower fairy and St. Dominic~~~

~~~Dd letter practice~~~
Crayola Model Magic and flour on a baking sheet


We used watercolor pencils for the first time! You draw with the pencils and then use water and a paintbrush to brighten it up!


Duck craft--we used colored tissue paper ripped up and glued onto the back of a paper where I had traced these shapes:

then they cut them out and glued onto a new paper. They turned out cute!


We cut out holes in biscuit dough using the lids of spice jars. Fried them in oil, and then mixed powdered sugar with water for a glaze...


Degas paintings of dancers--
We studied them and I had them "narrate" the paintings
(tell me about them without looking).
Then they tried to draw their own dancers!

They got a bit distracted and disappointed with how these turned out,
and I must have gotten distracted too (we also had Baby "D" over),
since I don't have any photos of the dancer drawings!

But remember I did get a photo of our little dancer :)

'Twas a really fun "D" week!


Kate Wicker said...

We're a letter behind you, which is great since I'm gleaning ideas from your blog and your lovely girls! :) You're a source of inspiration for a newbie homeschooler like me.

Elizabeth Foss said...

Oh my goodness! Dominic is Darling! I think I'm going to start a set of painted saints. You've inspired me.

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