Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Can you guess

what kind of YouTube video they were watching?

Okay, well only Melissa and my sis-in-law over the phone were interested in playing...
They were watching a fishing video about Takahiro Omori where he talks about the tank/pool in his backyard where he tries out new "crank bait." Steven loves the way he says "crank bait" in his Japanese accent.

You were going to guess a crank bait YouTube video...right?


Melissa D. said...

I'm going to say golf. Steven looks pretty happy about it (though I don't even know if he golfs), and Mary Claire doesn't seem that excited.

Blair said...

Good guess, he does play golf, but that wasn't it! Keep guessing!

Kristy B said...

Haha... I didn't figure "crank bait" but I honestly considered guessing a fishing related video :)

Melissa D. said...

oh yeah, "crank bait" was totally my next guess. :)

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