Monday, September 28, 2009

Cultivate Creativity in Your Kids

"It seems to me that most parents fall into two camps regarding their attitudes towards art. There are those who have a great interest in art, enjoy creating artwork with their children, and are regular visitors to places like the art museum.

The second camp claims that they are not artistic, are worried about messes, and feel that they have little understanding of the study of art."

Read more of my newest article at Faith & Family today!


Melissa D. said...

I love the article. I'm totally a hyrbid of one and two . . . I like art, and want them exposed, and try to expose them, and encourage them (I even painted a chalk board wall in the play room . . . but I'm still a little phobic of the messes . . . I love and hate when connor asks to paint. :)

Kate Wicker said...

Loved this article, Blair, and everything you write. God bless!

Nora said...

Very nice Blair. Thanks for the needed tips. I am an arts and craftsy "want to be". I like the idea but when it comes to actually getting down and dirty, it does not come naturally to me. That is why I love to read and get some much needed inspiration from homeschool moms like you :-)

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