Thursday, September 03, 2009

7 Quick Takes, or maybe 8


Do you remember these things? My kids think they're the coolest. We get them about once a year, long enough for them to forget how fun it is to watch a bug (or other creature) emerge from a clear "pill."

The other day I came home from a workout and the girls had put together a party for Steven & I in the bedroom...complete with snacks, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey (see below), and presents. The presents are a bird made of plastic spoons and tape, and a wooden "coaster" that says Mom I {heart} U on one side and Dad I {heart} U on the other. We are so loved!

Ellie still has her pink blankey--"ray-rays," seen below between the pillows, but they started getting so long and stringy that I was worried about strangulation. So I cut them up into pieces and they're all over the house. Hopefully they'll get lost in the next few months!

Did I ever blog about the time that a restaurant bus boy threw one away and had to dig it out of the trash for us? It was pretty funny.

Are you wondering what happened to this doll? She had joined the kids in the tub too many times and was found to be covered in black mold inside. The kids were in the bath last night and all of a sudden these black things started floating around. Ew! Had to move them to the shower. Verdict is still out on the doll's chances of survival. Mary Clare is trying to spare her life by soaking her...

This one's for Kiley with the kids in their Doha gear, pointing to Qatar on the map! Thanks so much, Kiley...we love all the gifts and were so thankful to get to see you guys!

Mary Clare insisted I photograph her doing this today.

(speaking of 7, I've awakened during the 7 o'clock hour all week, go me!)
How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world is a great book. The apple pie recipe in the back is awesome! A good activity for "A" week!

Had to add in my little man practicing his holy water-Sign of the Cross skills with dirty water from a bowl in the sink. Nice.

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Unknown said...

I found your blog through Jennifer's Conversion Diary. It's just wonderful. You have a beautiful family. I hope the doll survives her soaking.

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

Ha ha ha! That's so funny about blessing his head with dishwater.

I love your "about me"!

Lindsey said...

Oh Blair....these are great! :D

Melissa D. said...

how great. these made me smile.

Kimberly said...

Just wait until SJ practices the sign of the cross using water out of the toilet.

Gabriel did than once...and no, we sure didn't encourage it again!

Jill said...

I'm so glad you did 8 takes- the last one is precious!!

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