Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sewing in baby steps

I'm starting a "workshop" tomorrow that I found on the Frugal Family Fun Blog! I will get an email a day for 13 days, with a little assignment giving detailed sewing instructions. I hope it's easy enough for me...who doesn't even know how to thread my machine! This is just in time for me to figure this out before I need to make Halloween/All Saints' Day costumes, yay!


Lillian said...

How fun! I signed up, too. Thanks for the link!

Melissa D. said...

Threading the machine seems to be the hardest part. :). Hope it is great. :)

Kristy B said...

I'm so intimidated by my sewing machine, which is why it took me months to stitch up a torn pocket recently :)

Megan said...

oh, that's a great idea! i'm just not a sewer, but if i ever wanted to be, that is exactly where i would want to start! :)


mom2triplets04 said...

How are you doing on the sewing workshop? I'd love to see a finished project so place blog about it. Here's mine

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