Sunday, September 06, 2009

daddy's birthday edition

birthday vigil: double date to star pizza and matt maher adore concert/worship night
YES I WON THE FREE TICKETS thanks to Adore Ministries!
(thanks to grampatti and bopbop for caring for the kiddos!)

i'm alive again! what a wonderful night of worship

birthday morning: mass and lunch with the fam
birthday afternoon: german chocolate cake

ellie's response to this: "i like chocolate cake but without the german."

favorite birthday gift: 3 free pocket constitutions thanks to an old friend on facebook :) i knew he'd love 'em!

happy birthday to you! may you have many, many more happy birthdays and may God abundantly bless you in this next year of life! we love you!


ViolinMama said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Love her reaction to German Chocolate cake, hehe!!!

Much love!

Lillian said...

Happy Birthday, Steven!!!

Love, the Smith's

Beverly said...

Hey, Steven. We didn't realize it was your birthday yesterday - sorry we didn't know it when we saw you. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Love from the whole family, especially little Cecilia!

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