Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too funny

She's going to be a toothless Tooth Fairy for Halloween!
And a fun week of babies!
Congratulations to Lillian!
Congratulations to Stephanie!
Continued prayers for Roxanna!

This weekend we saw this movie, a wonderful Christian movie about marriage. I recommend it to everyone and all my close-neighbors...I can babysit for you if you'd like a date night! Way to go Kirk Cameron...my childhood TV crush is doing great things for the world :)

We've still got a lot to do in preparation for Halloween and All Saints' Day, namely a Tooth Fairy costume and accessories and a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton costume, plus some things for our nursing home visit and All Saints' Day festival booth. Better go get busy!


Shannon said...

fun new banner, Blair!

Rich said...

Yeah teeth!

Kimberly said...

All,we're buds now since Rebecca lost a front tooth too!

Elizabeth said...

That looks like a good movie! Josh and I loved Facing the Giants, so we'll have to check it out.

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