Friday, October 17, 2008

Cure for my "Fall Funk":

a late night (until 12:30) mom's night out spent with my wonderful homeschooling friends to share and encourage and just enjoy each other's company. After days and days spent talking to young children, sometimes we just need some adult interaction to remember who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. It wasn't all without children though, as Stevie and 5 of his little nursing friends were all there with their mommies. They handled the late night well and we got a kick out of the baby wrestling matches!

On the way home, I almost hit 3 deer walking across the road. I slammed on my brakes and was thankful that we all stayed safe. Then I thought about how much my girls would've loved to see those deer! And how Steven is always so good about turning the car around to show them deer or some other kind of wildlife or exciting thing (like Nutria rats!). I'm trying to take after him in that regard and actually did turn the car around a few nights ago so they could get another look at a small group of deer.

I hope I am not missing the opportunities to see the "deer". In fact, that I have my eyes open for them way ahead of time so that I don't come so close to hitting them! There are many moments during the day that I have time to show the children beauty and love, but frequently due to my selfishness, laziness, or just my desire to "get things done" we miss them. My mom's night out, deer interaction, and even my prayer recently are all reminders of how I need to be on the lookout for beauty and allow myself to find joy in the little moments!

Hope you have a fabulous Fall Friday today!

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