Tuesday, October 21, 2008


At the park for a birthday

Tired baby spent most of the time here,
after I took him out I realized he nibbled the paint off all the screws on the stroller,
guess I need to call Graco

Mary Clare and her friend made a little sand village,
complete with a garden of trees and flowers

Ellie working hard in the sand

Ellie and NeNe at dinner--
another Mystery Shopper night at our favorite Irish pub :)

I've been playing around with Blogger, trying to make a new banner and make the screen more appealing. But it's not working out with my slow wireless connection. Takes me forever just to load pictures! Today a friend and I babysat 10 kids (including ours) while the other moms went to a morning retreat. Went pretty well. Ellie and I took a mommy-daughter outing to the library tonight. We had a talk about living and non-living things on the way there after she commented on how cars don't grow...I think she has it down pretty well now ;)

Well, I'm back on a late-night kick...it's now Wednesday and I better get to bed! Hope you all had a terrific Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Ooo tell us more about being a mystery shopper. Do you recommend it?

Jill said...

Cute pics.

By the way, you are brave with the Playdoh. I almost cringed seeing how close they were to the carpet. :) You are such a good mommy. I only do Playdoh when the grandparents are here for clean-up!!

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