Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hurricane Highlights

finally getting some pictures up

Across the street

Behind our fence (that's the earth lifted up as the tree fell, thankfully away from our house, but sadly onto our neighbor's house)

Girls dancing on the porch

Down the street

Another tree down the street

Carpet pulled up in our master bedroom

"Camping out" in the living room

Clothes lines

Our heroes

A card for our electrician-neighbor who hooked up our generator to the breaker box...made things SO much easier than cords all through the house!

And another card for Daddy's boss (look at all those "letters"!) who helped us get...

this new carpet. Thanks be to God for quick fixes and Daddy's company!

Austin pictures to come!

Thanks for your sweet comments about my "cry room" post below. Just know that I do love my life as a mommy, usually the kids are actually very well behaved during mass, we rarely ever use a cry room, and actually behavior issues haven't been too bad lately (I'm sure I'll eat my words soon enough!). I think some readers may have thought I was literally frustrated with attending mass in the cry room. But it's more like I'm just suffering the exhaustion of 5.5 years of living in a world of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. So sometimes I feel kind of like I'm "trapped" and am watching the world through a window, so the cry room analogy seemed to fit this life fairly well! It's a very fun life, but just tiring and weakening my selfish spirit these days ;-)


Rich said...


Glad things are getting fixed, but it looks like it was a tough ride.

Lindsey said...

Wow Blair. Those are some BIG trees down. It is a strange and curious thing that oaks seem to have such shallow root systems. I can't get over your neighbor's "carpet" of a lawn just draped up and over that huge root mass that's sticking up.

Yay for new carpet for you! I'm glad it looks like you've got everything taken care of now. We have a couple fences to replace still.

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