Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mary Clare's New Poem

Here she is a few days ago (stuffy nose) reciting:

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Of speckled eggs the birdie sings,
And nests among the trees
The sailor sings of ropes and things
And ships upon the seas

The children sing in far Japan
The children sing in Spain
The organ with the organ man
Is singing in the rain.

Homeschooling update:
-Math-U-See--LOVE it!
-100 Easy Lessons--Approaching lesson 40. She's reading fairly well but really hates to read and doesn't care for this book. We tried a "whole language"-type approach the other day when the book went missing; might try that every now and then.
-Bible Narrations--starting to get bored with this. Yesterday I wrote a one-sentence narration and had her copy it to get in some "copywork".
-Journaling--she loves it!
-Poetry--mostly enjoys this
-Group activities--trying to step back a little. We've missed the last 2 nature club meetings. Tomorrow starts PE days so hopefully we'll make that!
-Art/Music--haven't been doing a lot of organized stuff, just listening to good music and letting them paint and cut and play with playdough as much as their little hearts desire! Today they painted pumpkins so I'll post those soon. They LOVE ballet class and we're hoping Mary Clare's knee injury heals up quickly so she can get back to skipping and ballerina runs!
-Civics/Geography/Manners--need to do more of this!
-Behavior--that's a whole 'nother post!!! ;-)


candyspirit said...

Singing in the rain and singing in the sun - I love it all! I enjoyed the part about the sailor guess why???
Thank you for reciting a absolutely lovely poem this morning! Love, Ne Ne

candyspirit said...

oops! an absolutely lovely poem!

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