Wednesday, October 08, 2008

National Night Out

Well, this was before the "NNO" but MC found a beautiful green bean in our overgrown garden!

Ready to walk down to the neighborhood park for the National Night Out (I just can't believe how big MC is looking these days...)

Wheeee! (Glad she didn't hurt her leg again...this scared me!) You may notice a blue mouth and blue on her shirt, from a sno-cone!


Checking out the Apache helicopter from Daddy's old Army Reserve Unit. The kids all enjoyed watching it take off later that night

Ellie's turn

The mini-ferris wheel! The girls are in the blue one!

After a quick walk home and back due to a potty accident :-/ we enjoyed the rest of the evening at the park with Daddy arriving after work. Always fun to play at the playground in the dark! We visited with several neighbors and always enjoy our fun city "festibals" as Ellie calls them! Hope your neighborhood had something fun too!


Rich said...

I didn't know Steven was AR. Neat.

Apaches are my favorite. While I'm sure MC and Ellie were impressed, Richie and Andrew would have gone into cardiac arrest with the opportunity to sit in an Apache helicopter.

Jill said...

MC is really looking grown up!
Great photos.
Love the Robeez/bare legs look in the previous post. Henry enjoys that one as well!

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