Saturday, October 04, 2008

Three glances

Right now, 3 members of my family are taking a nice afternoon nap after a park visit and early steak dinner. Ellie and I are awake and I'm reading blogs, which is taking me forever because our internet connection is very spotty. She has been dancing around and talking and singing to herself...right now she's singing "we love our mom so much" and "God is so great so strong and so mighty there's nothing my God I can do...boom boom" and "I don't have a mom and dad...because I'm the mom" :)

But I had to post on the blog because the past 3 glances when I've turned around from the computer have been quite interesting.

1. I turn around to see Ellie with no clothing on, a baby doll on her head, and practicing plies standing on the bed.
2. I turn back around to see her tap dancing (still with no clothes, only tap shoes) on the wooden chess board.
3. Finally I turn to see her with tap shoes on her hands doing a headstand hanging off the bed.

I better go clothe my silly girl! What would I do without my Ellie-belly? I hope your Saturday has been just as interesting!

1 comment:

Jill said...

Love the pic below of the kids in the public bathroom. I need to snap one of those and document our bathroom moments. When the boys were babies I had the huge double stroller that didn't fit in the stall. So I just had to go with the stall door open! What I love is that I have three boys and a girl. So, when I do have my husband to help- like on a roadtrip or something- he gets the three boys!! :) But, when I have them all...yikes!
Glad you are enjoying your days!

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