Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Escape

On Friday we abandoned hurricane-land and are hanging out in Austin with some girlfriends and kids while the husbands are on a big hunting trip. It's been so nice to get away from the craziness of home life and the hurricane. I can't upload pictures right now, so I feel fully incapable of a good blog post, but here are some highlights of the last few days:

~Baby shower for our hostess, the sweet Miss Roxy!
~Sunday Mass at a gorgeous church, St. Williams
~A huge outing to IKEA, some outlet stores, Michael's and Target today (I'm brave, aren't I?)
~The purchase of a fun cardboard coloring castle for the kids to play in
~The gift of a wonderful homemade lasagna dinner from sweet Miss Katie who visited us with her kind husband tonight
~And the great times of just being together with good friends!

I'm hoping to do some homeschooling with MC this week since we were off school all last week with the hurricane. Hope all our H-town friends are doing well and that power is restored very soon to everyone!!!


Em said...

Hey Blair -
I'm resurfacing from ...well, life with 5 kiddos now and little time to blog or comment...
just wanted you to know that you and your fasmily have been in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

We miss you all. Enjoy your special time!

Also, Gordon can't wait to hear details from Steven. (Send updates with news :)

Rich said...

We've all been worried about you guys. It's good to hear you're getting away from it all. A break from the primitive living at home is nice. Can't say the same for the camping husbands, eh?

St. Williams is very nice. I've only seen pictures. Our schola cantorum is trying to contact them about coming to visit and sing. I know many parishioners there are very proud of the beautiful church they've managed to build. They should be.

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